Molly the bot is a personal trading assistant commonly known as EA Robot or Expert advisor. In my 4 years of trading Forex I have designed and improved my trading system but there was always one thing lagging behind. That was psychology, emotion control and productivity, that is where the Idea of molly was born.

We all know how Forex trading requires a lot time and dedication but not everyone who want’s to invest got that time. Most of us begin trading while having that full time job and it is very hard to be productive in trading and having a full time job altogether. But with the help of Molly it is 100% able to be productive and control your psychology as she does all the job from analysis, risks management, execution, post trade management and taking profits.

Molly uses a professional systematic level II approach taking advantage of opportunities from short selling on strength and going long on weaknesses. The Algo spends 24 hours scanning the forex market exploiting and executes only when the criteria’s have been met.

Molly does not Hedge
No Martingale
No Insane risks
No Over Trading
Minimum Deposit $100



Nalipenda hili Robot linavyo trade ni tofauti sana. Haliingizi trade kila mara risk management pia iko poa sana.

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